Back from Eurofest 2012...

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Back from Eurofest 2012...

Postautor: Tine » piątek, 1 czerwca 2012, 20:30

Jens, Rudi and me just arrived at home - glad to have a heating in the living room. That was no wind - that was almost a storm who joined us from Polska to our homes. But anyway - it was worth it!

We want to say THANKS for this fantastic meeting! All was organized so perfect, the Polish people were so friendly and courteus... We really had a great time in Poland! And it was soooooo good to meet all our friends again. Really a pity that we'll have to wait for one year to meet them all again... :kwasny:

Hope all other people had a safe ride home, too!!!!

See ya!


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Postautor: JAREK » piątek, 1 czerwca 2012, 20:40

Hi Tine. Thank you all for fantastic Eurofest. It's very nice to hear such a good word's.
Some of us arrived to homes.
Best regards.


Postautor: OlszaDG » piątek, 1 czerwca 2012, 20:55

Hello Tine :mrgreen:
What a pleasue to welcome you to our forum ;-)
I will give you some report about "Our boys and girls - tha big going back from Eurofest"
That's great you had a great time, hopefully, we will have more opportunities to see each other.

:luka: I am still waiting for my yummy Mariano :hyhy:

Take care of yourself and give my regards to Rudi, Jens and Jorg and ...the others :)

Olsza ;-)

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Postautor: balth » sobota, 2 czerwca 2012, 12:46

does anybody know how about Diego "show-my-ass" the crusher? ;-) :rotfl:



Postautor: Inna » wtorek, 5 czerwca 2012, 15:28

Hi everybody :-D ! Dont worry- We at home - everything its OKEY!!! :-D :-D
Whole day in the fucking rain, spent the night in Dobry Bialystok and next day during a heavy rain drove to Moscow. A lot of work in Moscow, sorry that not answear earlier!!!
Boys - you the best - thanks for the FESTIVAL !!!!! аnd very funny fotos )))))
I already started to write the report - when I will finish - I will send the links!!!!


Postautor: Bood » poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2012, 10:46

Hi. It was unbelievable fest what I did see in my life. We liked very much. I was glad to meet some more good people. Respect for Poland guys, you are really the BEST. Thank you very very much.

Andrey and Tanya.


Hi from Motolulka!

Postautor: Inna » wtorek, 3 lipca 2012, 18:31

Hi Everybody! :D
Finally we finished the writing of the report, press the pictures for bigger.
Others photos prepare and put a little later
To translate the text I usually use Google)))))) :drunk:
Kisses and hugs Inna and Artem ... 6&Itemid=8

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Postautor: artur » środa, 4 lipca 2012, 08:14

Inna pisze:To translate the text I usually use Google

we also
na zdrowie !
P.S. wszystkie odpowiedzi są czysto teoretyczne podparte niewielką wiedzą własciciela w w/w temacie


FOTOS Evrofest 2012

Postautor: Inna » czwartek, 2 sierpnia 2012, 15:57

Hi Everybody! :D
Look many photos from Eurofestival and our travel in Polish,
All of excellent travel!
(look left side for change) ... Itemid=242

By the way, we go to Luxembourg in august :drunk: !
50° 8’27.49″N
6° 4’25.24″E
Hugs Inna & Artem

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Postautor: JAREK » piątek, 3 sierpnia 2012, 09:38

Good work Inna, fantastic pics.

Which way will you ride? If you need a place to sleep, don't hesitate write me - there is a possibility to sleep in my house in Lodz.
There isn't a HollidayInn but for free and in a nice atmosphere, I think. :mrgreen:


to Jarek

Postautor: Inna » poniedziałek, 6 sierpnia 2012, 12:55

Jarek! HIII! :-D
Thanks for the invitation, I will tell to Аrtem about it.
We will go Moscow - Warsaw - Prague - Baden - Baden - Luxembourg. Go on XJR sidecar with the trailer, therefore speed will be not big. We thihk the first day to reach - Russia-Poland, the closer to border of the Czech Republic, the better....
For the rest, as it will turn out with border on Belarus and Poland... gabarits at sidecar big- not like solo-bike))

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Re: to Jarek

Postautor: mariuszdg » poniedziałek, 6 sierpnia 2012, 21:37

This is the time and place of our autumn meeting:

14-16.09.2012 ... 16&iwloc=A

If you can, come to our meeting. You are invited!
"Kto drogi prostuje ten w lesie nocuje..."



Postautor: Inna » wtorek, 7 sierpnia 2012, 09:59

thanks a lot!

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